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NIGHT SHADOWS 01262024 -- This Texas Stand-Off is a Trap Set Up by the UN/China/WEF and UN NGO’s and is Destabilization
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Published a month ago

This will cover the Texas Border situation and the high treason of Biden & his communist buddy Obama, the CIA and other traitors in a long planned out Masonic “Order Out Of Chaos” that has approved of a literal 5th column military invasion of America and the trap is about to be sprung upon an unsuspecting totally apostate Americans and even Christian so-called “leaders” who are about to face the most serious judgment for Christ rejection.

You are watching a TRAP being set and soon to be sprung just as Jeremiah and Isaiah said would come in the last days as mighty Babylon falls with a THUD. I have warned all of you for over 40 years that the satanic Christ hating communist United Nations along with high treason WITHIN will bring about the total takedown of America, place us under Martial Law and UN so-called “Peace-Keepers” who have a horrible reputation of rape and murder.

The Unseen Hand of God is behind all of this and is done because of total apostasy within the so-called Church and their treasonous leaders who, if they do not do as Christ commanded will soon be in eternal hell where they belong. The so-called salvation message of these traitors to Jesus Christ comes right out of hell itself. There is now little time for FINDING CHRIST who stands at the end of the NARROW WAY waiting for His people to COME to Him.

Disobedience or making up your own theology of salvation is the height of stupidity that millions of Christians are now involved with. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED and now you are going to see the most horrific punishment as there is an OMEGA POINT for all things is now in view. Will the Lord give us another pause - or are we now in dire troubles as a nation?

This is all scripted and well planned out for many years and as I have said many times - Bible prophecy IS THE SCRIPT.

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Stewart Best has been teaching the true salvation gospel of Jesus Christ for over 40 years.

In the past, he has appeared on the Art Bell Show and also on Steve Quayle’s former radio show.

At fourscore+ years of age his force does not seem to have abated one bit, still producing prolifically with his team at the LightGate ministry.

He was a professional aviator for many years, flying the latest corporate jets as Captain, and he also served in the military.


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