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Russia's R-28 Hypersonic Sarmat Missile ICBM Satan II
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Published 2 years ago
Russia to Deploy R-28 Sarmat Hypersonic Missile in 2022. The R-28 Sarmat Missile can carry hypersonic glide vehicles. R-28 Sarmat has a Range of 18,000 km. Can reach Speeds of Mach 20. Can carry 15 warheads.
The Sarmat is Russia's Largest Nuclear Weapon.
Reports say it can fly across the North and South Poles and approach targets from any direction not intended for reception.
Putin claims the ICBM could breach any defence system in the world.
Sarmat's ability to carry a variety of reentry vehicles including Hypersonic Avantgard gliders concerns US military.
Russia's Defense Ministry said the Missile is a response to the US Prompt Global Strike System.
America's Treaty exit prompted work on the Sarmat ICBM to pickup pace.
Moscow views Washington's ongoing effort to create a missile defence systems as dangerous and destabilizing. This is the reason Russia's has developed the Avantgard Hypersonic Glide Vehicle.
This system can deliver a Precision Guided Weapon anywhere in the world.
This long-range system can give the added capability of a delivering a number of warheads directed at a few key targets.
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