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Published 4 months ago |
Self governance acknowledges the capability and right of every person to advocate for the prosperity of their own life. Surely no one will ever champion your cause better than you will! Anyone who does not believe you are capable of governing yourself does not see you as an equal. For example, the Biden Administration doesn’t believe that, you as a black citizen, are capable of using the internet. Stacey Abrams, though having one herself, doesn’t believe that you as a black citizen are capable of procuring your own government issued identification. They do not believe you to be up to the task. They do not believe you to be equal to them. In their eyes you are little more than children in constant need of parental guardianship. The tragedy is that you’ve been brainwashed into believing that they are right which is why you continue to elect rulers instead of servants of the people. What other explanation could there be? No one in their right mind would choose slavery over freedom unless they were being socially engineered to think thus. Subjugation of a sovereign being counters the natural order and as such will always, given time, lead to ruin. The left, the progressives, the Demolition Party, all believe that you are less than or greater than based solely on your race (which makes them racist). They believe that if you do not believe as they do, then you should be removed from society (they are segregationist). They believe that truth is what they say it is (they are anti-science). They believe that liberty should be sacrificed for the greater good (they are communists). They believe the ends justify aggression (they are tyrannical). They believe that power should be centralized in their hands, taken from the hands of the people by force if necessary (they are evil). They do not believe in you therefore they do not believe in America. For what is a country if not its people?


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