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Animal Vaccines & Pharma Meds Actually Harm & Kill Dogs & Cats
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Jim Crenshaw.From the channel Philosopher Newport. A message from that channel about this video:

I was skeptical when I heard someone say viruses do not exist and illnesses are not contagious. But given that I live in a world where the MSM narrative is still saying that Oswald killed JFK, the 9/11 towers did not come down via an obvious controlled demolition, and Joe Biden received 80 million votes and won the election without cheating, I simply had to go down the rabbit hole and see for myself whether or not viruses have actually & truly been proven to exist and cause illness & disease.

I started my research in June 2020 and by the end of September I had seen for myself that not one published scientific paper claiming to have discovered a virus had actually made any healthy human or animal sick with a lone biological particle removed from a sick human or animal. They made animals sick by injecting their brains or eyeballs or lungs with the contents of a petri dish containing monkey kidney cells, bovine serum, and antibiotics, but how does injection represent so-called natural transmission through breath, saliva, snot or touch?

After it sunk in that viruses do not exist and therefore vaccines are truly unnecessary, unhelpful, and even harmful, I stopped vaccinating my pets. None of them ever responded happily to the vaccines. Some of them would come down with lumps and fevers and loss of appetite -- as if they had been poisoned. Then I thought about the vet prescribed medicines in the past...the antibiotics...the so-called anti-inflammatory pain killers...poisons, all of them, totally unnatural & unnecessary for a biological body. They were prescribed in ignorance of the fact that bodies are designed to heal themselves without synthetic-chemical "medicines" -- or even any medicines at all!

------ Philosopher Newport 16 MARCH 2022.

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