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Alex Hammer
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Published 3 months ago

Don’t be knee jerking responses here. Hear the full testimony, listen to my efforts to put it in context, and then decide what you will. I’m not some professional reporter or talking head. I’m not an actor or an insider or anyone with personal experience or official authority. I’m just like you, trying to piece all of this together.

I feel that I owe it to those who have no voice or who no longer have a voice because they are now DEAD. I’m not perfect. I’m not always right, but I feel as though, after all of my research (much of which I’ve shared with you) that I have a pretty good understanding of this massive, convoluted, horrendous situation.

PS Don’t forget that I’m not a business. You may not “need me” but I’m offering my help and don’t ask or want anything from you in return except for you to benefit in some way, however minor.

Yes, something hit these people FAST. They couldn’t even open their car doors.

👉 Forest Fire As A Military Weapon

👉 ClimateViewer

👉 Weather as a Force Multiplier

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