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Something of BIBLICAL PROPORTION is Happening Right Now
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Published 2 years ago
Trust the fake science? Or trust the Scriptures? Do the covid jabs check all the boxes for the mark of the beast? And what are the psychotic mass social dynamics that facilitate a people to scapegoat and then murder their fellow human beings? Is it normal for the Church to not take a position and speak about something of such biblical proportion as the motb and the coming Great Persecution? Is it possible that the Church does not even recognize the motb because it is not what they expected?? Where are the prophets?

The First Horseman of the apocalypse rides a white horse (symbolic of the medical profession), has a bow - a weapon (Koine Greek - toxon), and a crown (corona). Stated simply, the first horseman of the apocalypse is a toxic corona weapon that goes out conquering and to conquer everywhere in the world.

There is a Great Persecution coming for those who refuse the motb.

And, btw, double honor to leaders in local churches who are preparing God's people and equipping them.


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