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Final call to action to stop the communist overthrow of the United States of America: Mike Lindell’s RSBN interview
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Published 3 months ago |
The final step to overthrow the Presidency of the United States, and the installation of a communist dictator will occur on January 20, just 3 days from today (1-17-21), unless we the American people stop it.

The President and President-Elect of the United States--Donald Trump--has been surrounded and cut off by a combination of big tech, those within his own administration, and White House attorneys to ensure he cannot communicate with the American people, and to ensure no one can give him the information and encouragement he needs to take action to stop the January 20th overthrow.

I just watched an RSBN interview with Mike Lindell, who spoke briefly with the President, and gave him recently secured proof that election results were Trump 79 million, Biden 68 million. Lindell was able to show Trump how and where the vote counts were switched, with documented proof, complete with IP addresses and locations.

With this information, President Trump can take decisive action to defend the Presidency against overthrow, but so far he has been badgered into inaction by White House attorneys, among others, who are running out the clock until Trump will no longer have to authority to defend our country.

Now is the time for we the people to spring into action, to break through the communication barriers around President Trump, and to convince him to ACT before it is too late!

Unfortunately, millions of Americans have been lulled into inaction by false promises of the intervention of secret military organizations. With zero evidence, and with a long track record of misinformation and false predictions, this disinformation campaign is sidelining and silencing the very one who have the most to lose by doing nothing, and who should be shouting the loudest.

A number of those spreading this disinformation claim to have received their information from “intelligence” sources. Intelligence sources, as we have learned, are part of the deep state, which has been trying to remove Trump from office for the last 4 years. Why are we now believing anything they say? They have proven to be the enemies of our country. And LIARS!

The tens of thousands of military personnel present in DC were brought there by the establishment after January 6, when the establishment realized that Trump has the power to call millions of Americans to come and defend his second term. That’s also probably their main reason for impeachment just a few days before his first term ends. The establishment brought the military to DC to stop Americans from interfering with the communist overthrow; they are NOT there to arrest the deep state, nor are they there to ensure President Trump is able to fill his second term as President.

But, until Biden is sworn in as Usurper of the Presidency, Donald Trump is still President, the military is still under his command, and he can order the military to do what only he can order them to do--defend the Presidency and the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic, the foremost leaders of such being Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

We need all Americans who care about their future to call on President Trump to STOP THE OVERTHROW! And we need to keep calling until he hear us!

Give up your fantasies that the military is in DC to do anything but facilitate the overthrow of our federal government. Turn your energy into spreading the word that Trump needs to shake off the lethargy and the attorneys who are giving him bad information. Pass the video to everyone.

If we can persuade him to engage in the battle, we have will have a chance to preserve liberty and prosperity for 4 more years. If President Trump voluntarily hands to reins of power to unelected Usurper Biden, HE WILL BE COMPLICIT IN THE COMMUNIST COUP!

Mr. President, you don’t want your legacy to be the man who voluntarily surrendered our nation to China! We the people call on you to fight! Do not transfer power to Biden! You control the military to defend America--DO IT!!

For Life and Liberty, David C. Treibs

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