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Pussy Riot (radical feminists) Gets Whipped in Sochi 2014_480p
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Published 3 years ago
The feminists were going to run a show in commie russia, during the Olympic Games and got attacked and whipped badly. I am against violence but this that these feminists did is pure stupid in a oppressive, totalitarian, enslavement type dictatorship. but i guess they sold a cpy of the song and got asylum in an open border cesspool. I think that some of these asswipes got asylum in canada. what kind of qualifications do you think she has when applying for a job in canada or is parking on welfare a better option perhaps? unibrow beta cuck Simon Ostrovsky is reporting for commie VICE. He thinks he is smart when he is provoking the Cossacks and the hard core commies. It is swarming with various types of FSB around him. It is not by chance Putin has one of his favorite palaces in Sochi. You must be confident that nothing will happen when the beta cuck that you just beat up in front of the cameras is accusing you in front of the police and running cameras and you whip his ass in front of everyone *once again*. You have done this before so it is risk free. The totalitarian commie style. I was surprised this version was freely available and not being scrubbed by the internet pedophiles but i guess it is because it is the commie vice that published it.

The raging radical menhaters are not so brave and visably bothered when they get harrassed by swarming FSB. Smarter to keep a low profile but to know that you have to have normal iq. if you mess with the totalitarian dictatorship you will get the horns. rain will come with mud. this is same type of retarded behavior as when raging japanese ex prostitutes start to rage because they do not get the way they want.
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