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Film From 1981 Reveals Modern Society... My Dinner With Andre - Conspiracy Theory Scene HD #PrisonPlanet #RevelationOfTheMethod
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Published a year ago

They reveal the New World Order Prison Planet in this old movie back in 1981

Revelation Of The Method

The Cryptocracy, Cabal, Secret Government, Deep State, Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them use REVELATION OF THE METHOD in our movies, TV shows, cartoons, comic books, video games, etc. They especially love to use this technique at Super Bowl halftime shows. They use subliminal messaging to condition you, as a form of predictive programming. It's psychological warfare!

Consent is crucial to the process. Most people have their heads buried in social media or the television. This has shortened our attention spans, and taken away the cognitive ability to realize it when it happens. The component of the mockery of the victim, and eliciting no significant response and opposition from that victim, is all the consent they need.

The Cryptocracy believes in universal law. That by doing this public ritual and psychodrama, then these crimes are perpetrated with our consent. And it is an ancient rule of both the moral and the common law, that silence connotes assent.

Silence and inaction constitute consent in the face of these crimes.

#PrisonPlanet #NWO #RevelationOfTheMethod #PredictiveProgramming #ConsentIsCrucial #MockeryOfTheVictim #PsychologicalWarfare #PublicRitual #OccultRitual #Symbolism #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall #Conditioning #MindControl

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predictive programmingsymbolismpsychological warfareconditioningoccult ritualrevelation of the methodpublic ritualconsent is crucialmockery of the victimsymbolism will be their downfall

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