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Covid Anniversary: Still No Libertarians in an Epidemic? David Weiner - Writer and Actuary
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Published 7 months ago |
Mr. Weiner - published at and - analyzes deeply the past year's Covid tyranny and options for promoting true health freedom.

"On this day last year, I was in NYC sitting in a packed bar among customers who had a strong sense of what was coming. The government was taking over, shutting things down. It was a terrible day. Then every day got worse. A year later, we are fighting to get our rights back." - Jeffrey Tucker, AIER

Indeed. At that time when Tucker thought that, the Atlantic published an article titled, "There Are No Libertarians in an Epidemic". Fear should make all of us obey whatever claims the government made about the threat and whatever countermeasure the government commanded, no matter how draconian. Tucker wasn't having any of that: he wrote then a book, "Liberty of Lockdown".

But so many libertarians chose coercion. When groups of courageous Frontline Doctors tried to publish their success with therapeutics, the derision they faced came from trolls that included not a few libertarians. And when it came time for "free market" experts to comment on the rushed, experimental vaccines, their analysis covered only the government barriers to quick distribution. Never did they highlight what health freedom activists have campaigned about for decades: the special interest's corruption of the vaccine program via regulatory capture.

Regulatory capture is a key libertarian concern. It occupies the attention of countless free-market experts. Yet when health freedom activists lobby against vaccine mandates or Big Tech censorship, professional scholars write in defense of employers firing refusing workers or barring the unvaccinated from participating in key daily activities. These scholars discuss "Association" and "Speech" rights - but not a peep about the corruption in the manipulated science behind the vaccine program.
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