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The Stargate Conspiracy. Fraud, Secret Societies, and Ancient Egypt. Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince
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Sergeant Schultz
Published 2 years ago |
What happens when cynicism and cold science meets real psychic ability—on a massive, extended scale … The extraordinary, fifty-year-long story of the “Council of Nine” channelling cult, invented and maintained by truly X-Files style US government agents, though it might not always have been totally fake … The ultimate—apparently—psychic quest for power and mind manipulation, and a serious lesson in the reality of uncontrolled experimentation on the innocent. Claimed via mediums to be the gods of ancient Egypt, the Nine courted an elite following, including aristocrats, top politicians and industrialists—and even Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, whose shows revealed their influence. But behind it all was one man, the shadowy scientist Dr Andrija Puharich, Uri Geller’s first mentor, and an agent for the American military. With total disregard for the welfare of his subjects, he used hypnosis and drugs to create—or encourage? —communication with non-human intelligences. Whether he succeeded at all or even occasionally is still debatable. Twenty years ago Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince exposed the “Nine” in their ground-breaking book The Stargate Conspiracy, arguably helping to close down the experiment. But we forget the lessons at our peril.

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince have been co-authoring books on historical and religious mysteries for nearly 30 years. They are best known for The Templar Revelation (1997, revised 2007), which inspired “The Da Vinci Code”. (They have cameos in the movie.) Their new book, When God Had a Wife: The Fall and Rise of the Sacred Feminine in the Judeo-Christian Tradition came out in January 2020. Lynn and Clive are regular contributors to the television series ‘Forbidden History’, besides many other programmes.

Filmed at the 40th Anniversary Green Stone Convention, on October 26th 2019 in Wolverhampton, UK.

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