The MOST Important Projects For Humanity - The Earth Council, A Historic Meeting
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Some of the most important freedom projects were discussed in a historic meeting with world leaders coming together, known as The Earth Council.

Note: This video is just a news feature of projects occurring right now. It is not sponsored or in any way monetarily connected to any of the resources or individuals shared.

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The Earth Council members include:

Pat Miletich - World Champion - Now Soil Savior!

Theo Fleury - Hockey legend - Now trauma expert

Joel Salatin - "America's most iconic regenerative farmer".

Marjory Wildcraft - The Grow Network "The female leader of the preparedness movement"

Rowdy Meyer (Tag) - Free Man! “most successful (all things considered) land developer in the United States”

Lisa Mollison - A lifetime dedicated to regeneration via Permaculture and the keeper of The Permaculture Institute's vast library.

Charles A. Thompson - Energy expert and world class entrepreneur

McKinley Hlady - Founder of New Energy World / Producer

Doc Wil Spencer - "A national treasure". Soil solutions that eat heavy metals and toxins, and leave bioavailable fatty acids.

John Baxter - "World's Greatest Health Technology" Bloomberg. + Bees!

Kevin Fretz - CEO Patriot Greens, pioneering the organics industry since 1991

The Council of 12 Initiative (The Earth Council) is founded by Jim Gale and Directed by Lindsay Brandon. This meeting was hosted by The Inspired Network with Dr. Andrea Nazarenko.

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