And We Know 5.6.2023 CPAC Hungary MSG, Fall of the CROWN, EPSTEIN, TUCKER, Title 42 PRAY!
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LT of And We Know

May 6, 2023

From Hungary to the Border, to Hunter to Tucker to Epstein, Climate change, the KING coronation, destroying our children and more… you would think they had a handle on how INFO we can all handle. It is mind numbing at times… but we will get through it and remember, this is all exposure to the LIES so we can get to the TRUTH. Let’s Go.

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Tucker Carlson: “There are members of Congress who are controlled by the Intel Agencies”

John Solomon will be breaking yet another story on Monday about the Biden Crime Family.

Peter Navarro puts the heat on Anthony (the killer) Fauci.

President Trump CPAC Hungary- We are now engaged in a historic battle with the Marxist Globalists and communists all over the world

Sen. John Kennedy: "If electric cars are so swell, how come the government has to pay people to drive them?"


This girl’s voice is permanently changed to male. She regrets transgender hormones and mastectomy of normal breasts. To prevent more societal damage and personal tragedy, transgender clinics must be shut down.



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