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Dr. Larry Palevsky & Barbara Loe Fisher | Episode 3 Preview of The Truth About Vaccines 2020
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The Truth About Cancer
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Welcome back to The Truth About Vaccines Episode 3: In-Depth Analysis Of The MMR And DTaP Vaccines and Vaccinating for The Greater Good. Sign up to watch all upcoming episodes for free. ➡️

The risks of vaccines are very real, and parents are allowed to question their safety. This documentary discusses the science and history behind the vaccine industry...

This is the most comprehensive, in-depth series ever produced on the topic of vaccines and you can watch each episode for FREE, during October 13 - 23.

Each episode will be up for 24 hours. We’ll be showing all ten episodes in ten days and you can watch by signing up on the link above.

Here is what you can expect in Episode 3:
- Who exactly developed the MMR vaccine.
- How having a vaccinated child DOESN'T necessarily stop outbreaks from happening.
- Why Japan stopped giving its population the MMR vaccine because of its ineffectiveness... and the health issues it caused.
- The potential link between autism and inflammatory bowel disease.
- What Dr. Andrew Wakefield's investigation revealed in his 250-page report.
Our mission is to save lives by sharing the truth with the world. Our children, and your children, and future generations are the target of our mission. We will never stop fighting to protect our health freedom - and all our FREEDOMS!

But we’re not Big Pharma (with deep pockets) and we don’t have advertisers. Much like PBS, we need your support to continue broadcasting free information to the world and continue saving lives.

That’s why we are asking you to join the movement and support our mission by owning The Truth About Vaccines 2020. ➡️

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