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Hostile, racist, brown supremacist illegal aliens threaten me for videoing them
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Published 6 days ago |
#Encorelandscaping #Anchorcentre #Camelback

Encore Landscaping
2600 S 20th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Open ⋅ Closes 4PM

(602) 568-2582

Wealthy real estate companies, Anchor Centre, 2231 Camelback East, Phoeniz AZ employing mostly illegal aliens speaking spanish(no white or black US citizens speaking english observed in this landscaping crew).

One of the racist, brown supremacist goons threatens the "gringo" for videoing them.

Note: I have checked hundreds of these companies in Arizona and California and they will not hire non Spanish speaking non Latinos while getting taxpayer $$.

Legal immigrants that swear allegiance to the USA would be proud to be recognized as new immigrants.

Instead, illegal Latino occupiers are taught the US southwest belongs to Mexico and are very racist against whites and blacks(La Raza brown supremacism is heavily financed by the globalist Ford and Bill Melinda Gates Foundation).

If the economy collapses these illegal occupiers will make willing insurgent soldiers willing to kill Americans for the Globalists and China.

It's time to crackdown hard on the illegal alien occupation the Globalists are using to destroy the USA and our unique culture.

This is typical throughout Phoenix as criminal companies use taxpayer bailout $$ to jack up rents, leases and cheat thousands of US citizens out of jobs.

Federal and local governments refuse to enforce employment laws and check the health status of illegal workers bringing in diseases like TB, Malaria etc. as they tyrannize healthy, law abiding citizens for not wearing masks or engaging in wrongthink.

Note: The Feds and local health depts. are not mandating the death jabs for the illegal migrants or checking them for deadly diseases they're spreading to Americans.

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