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Bill Trikos : The Phenomenon Of Nicolai Levashov 2012 01 28/ 01 Opening remarks English subtitles
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Bill Trikos
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Published a year ago

This site contains Knowledge, a unique Knowledge that until now was not available for those who wish. This Knowledge is about numerous mysteries of Life, a structure of the Universe, Spirit, Mind and many other things... All books, publications and pictures presented on this site, reveal Knowledge about principles of the origin of the Universe itself and Life in it, laws of rise of thinking and consciousness and many other things...

Good afternoon everyone who came today. I'm sorry to say, that we are at such close quarters, but hopefully happy together. Maybe it is good that in such weather we will warm each other up. As usual, I start my speech with some statistical information. Bayda informed me today that at the present time, 2,751,636 books have been downloaded from our two sites; from The Adviser and mine. And it's continuing and that says a lot, especially in January, when in principle, many people are resting and celebrating. But, nevertheless, 57,092 books have been downloaded.So people, even when in holiday mood, aren’t forgetting to read these types books, not just detective stories, etc., etc. It tells us that it's really important, interesting and necessary for people.  It makes me happy, it means that what I do and what Svetlana wrote in her book, is really appreciated by people, and that is very good. And another statistic; another year has passed, and remember, it took five years for the number of visits to the site reached one million. That was on the 10th January 2010. The second million visits were by 10 January 2011. And in this year, 2012, we already have 4.56 million. That is, two and a half million visits in one year. And in January, from the 13th to today, another 60,000 site visits. These are very good statistics, showing that people’s interest is really growing. Not diminishing, but on the contrary, growing. Not what many would like, because, as you know, there is a lot of sabotage, blocking of many sites, etc., etc., but, nevertheless, they are not succeeding much in what they are doing, and I hope it will continue that way. We all came here because those of us here are not indifferent to the fate of our country. And for each, in principle, for all of us, because it's for the future of people living in the country, and there can't be a country without people. Therefore, the fate of the children and of the grandchildren is being decided, perhaps even at this moment. Because, what is going to happen in the future, even the near future, depends on what will happen in the next few years. I won’t be telling you anything new, not discovering the New World so to speak, to say that everyone is trying to pull Russia into pieces, divide it up. And, thereby turn, so to speak, into just a conglomerate of some small principalities, where each prince, well, you know in what sense I mean princes. Previously, a prince was chosen not because someone grabbed the position, or someone had more money, rather princes were elected by the people, for a specified term. Therefore, enemies very often use a particular phenomenon; remember about Alexander Nevsky how Novgorod expelled him, then recalled him, then again banished him? Remember who read it. Even in that version of modern history. But that is not the point; case, he was a military prince, a Khan. And power was transferred to a military Khan during time of war. Therefore, during a time of peace, a secular prince ruled, one who was practiced in economic affairs. When war approached, power passed to a military prince. He was invited from the Horde, which he headed...

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