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Kiev Lost Sea Port In Odessa
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Published 2 months ago

In response to Kiev’s attacks on Russian territory, the Russian military took revenge, escalating strikes on the Ukrainian military, port and energy infrastructure that provides for the Ukrainian army.

Last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported 12 group strikes with missiles and drones throughout Ukraine. In recent days, the intensity of Russian strikes has increased.

On the night of September 25, the city of Odessa was subjected to one of the most powerful attacks in recent times. The sea port in the city center was almost completely destroyed. A large fire broke out in the building of a local hotel, which reportedly housed military personnel and was used as headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result of the massive attack, the headquarters of The Operational Command South, the Ukrainian Navy base, port terminals and workshops for the production of surface drones were destroyed in the region. In their turn, Ukrainian sources reported the destruction of a granary and warehouses belonging to local enterprises.

Russian missiles also struck the military airport of Dolgintsevo, located on the outskirts of Krivoy Rog. Ukrainian warplanes armed with Storm Shadow missiles are based there. As a result of the attack, flight support facilities were damaged, among other things.

The exchange of strikes between Kiev and Moscow resemble a ping-pong game, where Russia responds with tenfold force, but rarely escalates attacks first.

On September 24, Ukrainian forces launched massive strikes on the city of Tokmak in the Zaporozhye region. Several missiles were shot down by Russian air defense forces, but others struck the city streets, at least one was killed, at least 11 others were wounded. Ukrainian shelling also killed civilians in Novaya Kakhovka, 5 others were wounded in Donetsk.

Ukraine launched massive drone strikes on the Russian city of Kursk, where the celebration of the City Day was to take place. According to reports, one of the drones hit a refinery near the airfield, the railway station and an administration building were also damaged. A Ukrainian drone was shot down over the Halino military airfield located on the outskirts of the city. When Russian servicemen attempted to inspect a downed UAV its warhead detonated. Multiple casualties were reported.

On the night of September 25 alone, the Russian military reported the interception of 3 Ukrainian UAVs over the Belgorod region, 2 others were shot down over the Kursk region and 4 more near Crimea.

The Crimean peninsula remains one of the main targets of Ukrainian attacks. After the strike on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters building, the Ukrainian military continued attempts to damage the port infrastructure in Sevastopol. On September 23, Ukrainian forces launched missile strikes, reportedly damaging a couple of berths where decommissioned ships were based. Meanwhile, another sabotage and reconnaissance group was repelled near the Cape Tarkhankut. Also on September 24, a Ukrainian marine drone was destroyed off the western coast of the peninsula.


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