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WHO Tries To Bribe Madagascar President To Poison Covid Remedy, Fauci's Done This All Before
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Published 3 months ago |
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Sources used in video:

Potatohead tough on Americans, taliban not so much -

WHO tries to bribe Madagascar to poison vaxx -

Dems words come back to haunt them -

Piss pants pelosi's inconvenient truth -

At this point only a fool would believe Fauci -

This is all planned, Harris disagrees with Potatohead -

Potatoheads mandate doesn't apply to illegals -

There's more, free health care to Afgan "refugees" -

Post office is exempt because, blackmail -

Where are the celebrations for Americans Potatohead brought home -

It all goes back to Obama -

China saber rattling now that Potatohead shows weakness -

2 counties in Nevada go full constitutional -

Steve Inman -

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