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China Banned Pfizer's mRNA Tech: Chinese Citizens Saved From Deadly Shots While FDA Labeled Safe
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Published 9 months ago

Stew Peters Show

May 16, 2023

China knew the Pfizer COVID mRNA injection was deadly, so they banned it for their citizens while it was authorized for the States!

Karen Kingston joins Stew to expose how China understood that the mRNA technology inside the injections was a genocide project and refused the injections outright, yet the US FDA and CDC authorized the same materials.

China, which is known in part for its torture techniques, concentration camps, and the utilization of compulsory abortions to enforce the "one child policy" even considered the injections too much for their population, and barred the mRNA materials from being used for injections.

The phase 1 safety trail for Pfizer vaccines was conducted in China on 141 Chinese civilians in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of the technology.

When the trial concluded, the results were so damning that China decided to ban both Pfizer and Moderna injections used in the test!

This research began as early as 2020, years before the massive vaccine deaths tolls began increasing in the States.

Chinese civilians suffered heart attacks, neurological injuries, and so much more that scared the Chinese from touching the technology ever again!

Yet the same technology was authorized for the US, despite the knowledge the FDA and CDC possessed from this initial Chinese safety trail.

The US authorized CRIMINAL human experimentation!

If you want more in-depth research into the origins of COVID-19 and the deadly injection, check out Kingston's Substack at:

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