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Welcome to the TechnoSphere
Published 6 months ago

Welcome to the TechnoSphere

Katie Singer - Author, Electronic Silent Spring,




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Brainwashed by Big Tech’s advertising promising fast Internet downloads on every square inch of Earth, American blindness is allowing Telecom to speed through Congress dozens of bills to deploy radiation-emitting 5G towers outside our bedrooms, kids’ classrooms, and nearby parks, with ZERO Informed Consent or remedies. 


The Internet is the largest thing that humanity has built. While it changes and grows faster than anyone can sanely handle, hundreds of issues require users’ attention: surveillance capitalism, addiction, social media’s influence on our very thinking, cybersecurity, fire hazards, electromagnetic radiation exposure, energy use, water use, mining and smelting, toxic waste, and a global World Health Organization agenda threatening a Digital Gulag coercing behavior. The Internet itself is dangerously vulnerable—and yet our food supplies, transportation, communication, education, banking, and medical records depend on it.


Ms. Singer’s 2014 book, An Electronic Silent Spring, reported on telecommunications’ electromagnetic radiation emissions and public and wildlife health.  This week she’ll map out this technosphere, introducing the energy, extractions, and water used to manufacture, operate, and discard our computers and Internet infrastructure—the things that make our podcast possible. She’ll also offer ways to decrease our digital footprint.

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