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Conscious, Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence Ai
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Conscious, Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence, Ai is discussed in the third book of the Age of Discovery Series - The Great Ai Awakening

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One of the pitfalls for machines becoming self-aware is that consciousness in humans is not well-defined enough, which would make it difficult if not impossible for programmers to replicate such a state in algorithms for AI, researchers reported in a study published in October 2017 in the journal Science.May 24, 2018

Will AI Ever Become Conscious? | Live › 62656-when-will-ai-be-conscious
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Hod Lipson Is Building Self-Aware Robots | Quanta › hod-lipson-is-building-self...
Jul 11, 2019 — In early 2019, Lipson's lab revealed a robot arm that uses deep learning to generate its own internal self-model completely from scratch — in a process that Lipson describes as “not unlike a babbling baby observing its hands.” The robot's self-model lets it accurately execute two different tasks — picking up and ...

Artificial Intelligence: Does Consciousness Matter ... - › articles › fpsyg.2019.01535 › full
Jul 2, 2019 — A basic assumption for artificial consciousness is that it be found in the physical world of machines and robots (Manzotti and Chella, 2018). Furthermore, any definition of artificial consciousness given by humans will have to be made from the third-person perspective, without relying on phenomenal consciousness.
by E Hildt · ‎2019 · ‎Cited by 11 · ‎Related articles

Artificial consciousness - › wiki › Artificial_consciousness
Artificial consciousness (AC), also known as machine consciousness (MC) or synthetic consciousness (Gamez 2008; Reggia 2013), is a field related to artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics. ... "Self-modeling"[edit]. In order to be "self-aware," robots may use internal models to simulate their own actions.
‎Ethics · ‎Research and ... · ‎Aspects of consciousness · ‎Connectionist proposals

Is Anyone Home? A Way to Find Out If AI Has Become Self › observations › is-anyon...
Jul 20, 2017 — A Way to Find Out If AI Has Become Self-Aware. It's not easy, but a newly proposed test might be able to detect consciousness in a machine.

Will Machines Ever Become Conscious? - Scientific › article › will-machines-e...
Dec 1, 2019 — The birth of true artificial intelligence will profoundly affect ... By “consciousness” or “subjective feeling,” I mean the quality inherent in any one ... machines will be sentient; they will speak, reason, self-monitor and introspect.

What Would It Mean for AI to Become Conscious? › 2019/03/26 › what-would-it-mea...
Mar 26, 2019 — abstract human face texture composition artificial intelligence ... “It's this self-awareness, this idea that I exist separate from everything else and ...

A Robot Has Just Passed a Classic Self-Awareness Test For › a-robot-has-just-passed-a-classi...
Jul 17, 2015 — Instead, the robots have been programmed to be self-conscious in a ... Right now, the main thing holding AI back from being truly self-aware is ...

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