THIS IS MADNESS - Top doctor calls child vaxx “mass murder” and it’s happening right in front of your face!
5348 views • 03/08/2022
Why would the American Heart Association publish this type of information and then expect us to blindly follow mandates from the global government forcing this experimental vaxx on us?

"These mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation of heart muscle, leading to blood clot disorders, heart disease, and all vascular events including strokes and heart attacks."


This video is a special “sneak peek” of the brand new 9-part docuseries COVID Secrets, where dozens of COVID experts including Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Richard Bartlett shed light on what’s really happening behind the scenes.

You’ll also learn the shocking details behind their agenda to vaxx millions of children, even some as young as 5 years old, while knowing their experimental vaxx could kill them.

Dr. Ardis calls this “mass murder” and the information he shared with us will have you nodding your head in agreement…
Also included in this video is Dr. Bartlett’s discussion on why he believes vaxx passports and mandates are borderline “terrorism”.

This censored information will never be covered by the mainstream media…

This is why we need your help to spread this information.
Please watch this short video - and share with your loved ones.

Register here to watch the COVID Secrets whole series (and download a copy of Dr. McCullough’s Proven COVID Treatments)...
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