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Freedom From Choice (2014)
Published a year ago

Life is about choice. But what if these choices are just an illusion? In an era where regulations and red tape rule every industry, our daily choices have become increasingly limited.

Many U.S. citizens regard freedom as one of life's most cherished gifts, unaware of the fact that they have already lost their freedom long ago. More accurately, current generations have never tasted the taste of freedom, and have only struggled under the illusion of freedom. Freedom is a precious gift, unknown to the human species of today.

The documentary feature Freedom from Choice rightfully claims that these freedoms are merely an illusion. After all, the film argues, how free can we be when the U.S. CORPORATE "government" colludes with the biggest corporations in food, finance, media and medicine?

When you step into a grocery store and are faced with aisle after aisle of choices, you may not realize what you're being denied. But fat-pocketed lobbyists and compromised politicians have determined many of the products you're allowed to purchase. Left out in the cold are the smaller independent farmers who remain devoted to operational transparency and products free from harmful pesticides and processing.

Even the safety standards of our medications are at risk. A significant number of popular drugs have been approved over the objections of FDA's own medical reviewers. Why? Big Pharma wields all the influence and sway over decision makers in Washington. Meanwhile, the ordinary citizens who rely on these medicines to survive are the guinea pigs of adverse side effects and even death.

The 2008 financial crisis was brought upon by the corruptibility of regulators who had sworn to protect us. Instead of doling out appropriate punishment and enacting stricter regulations, the heads of these banking organizations we rewarded with bailouts and hefty bonuses.

Those in search of unfiltered news often reach to the internet. This poses a threat to deeply entrenched figures in power. That's why plans have been set in motion to centralize and control the internet. "They're working around the clock to try to scare people into thinking that the internet must be controlled by our political figures," says one commentator.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The film features ongoing conversations with political commentators, authors, investigative reporters and assorted advocates. They clue us in to the backstage dealings that effectively compromise our freedoms without us even realizing it.

The subject matter may be dire, but the tone of Freedom from Choice remains lively and engaging throughout. It presents a mountain of undeniable evidence that we should all take into consideration.

Freedom From Choice explores the endless layers of backroom dealing that is the US lobbying industry. Through a series of thought-provoking interviews, experts from numerous industries explain in simple terms how the political 'revolving door' creates unfair regulations which affect their industry. Supplemented by recent news clips and archival footage, the experts paint a startling picture of the overregulation of modern American life.

Starring: Joel Salatin; Jonathan Emord; Gerald Celente; Sheila Krumholz; Mike Maloney; G. Edward Griffin; Peter Schiff; Jon Rappoport
Directed by: Tim Delmastro

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