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Michael Savage Predicts 'Decades of Darkness' Even if Trump Wins 2nd Term -1676-6PM
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Conservative radio icon Michael Savage expressed doubt about the future of the United States in an interview with Breitbart News, warning that a second term for President Donald Trump would be the “last gasp” of the country. In another segment of Savage’s exclusive interview, the conservative talker explained that America — or any sovereign nation — will survive only if its citizens and ruling class preserves its borders, language, and culture — a credo he coined at the beginning of his radio career over 25 years ago.

E-Militia Article: Michael Savage Predicts ‘Decades of Darkness’ Even if Trump Wins 2nd Term

B4IN: Michael Savage Predicts 'Decades of Darkness' Even if Trump Wins 2nd Term | Politics

GUEST: Lesa Antone is a grassroots activist who believes in small government and in restoring our Constitution and traditional American values. As a grandmother of 3 little girls, she wants to ensure all our future generations will know freedom. She is unapologetically Americans First. Because she has been an outspoken and visible presence on the streets, in both city council & school board meetings and around Arizona and California standing against the radical left's agenda, she is a frequent target of not only local news but also by groups like antifa, john brown, CAIR, ADL & SPLC. She is currently one of 5 people being sued by the SPLC in federal court for exposing and documenting Phoenix area churches' involvement in aiding the illegal invasion.

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