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Great Scot at Enochville
Published 10 months ago |
The law of the flag is the law of international Commerce and recognition nation state via it's Banner registered at The Hague Netherlands. It's not there by the USA is in the hands of Commander in Chief Universal Postmaster General chief justice Supreme Court Russell Jay Gould; PSA w/Love for all humanity;
I, Christopher Perrin clan Maxwell; /
An ongoing orchestrated purposefully predictably inevitable. IT, AI an A-eye integrated machines systems omnipresence for full-spectrum dominance over the human domain. This having been made undeniably obvious thru systemic programming content repetitively cast boadly. We are in a systemic War for our existence. Fighting for the mere existence of humanity in the end. Humanity is under attack from nearly every if not every aspect of human life. With the goal being to gain full spectrum dominance over the human domain. IBM's integrated Quantum machines systems d-wave; ~ Through the. 4G LTE antenna's coronal coverage. IT, an AI, A-Eye ~ Has now gained omnipresence Within These machines systems antenna's coronal range. With the 5G phased array beamforming weapons platforms now deployed this machines systems has gained individual targeting capabilities. This being the most pressing issue and these being the most dangerous weapons Humanity has Yet to Vanquish. Until we do so this zombie apocalypse this enough is enough this time is up systemic campaign of Madness. "We're in a military psychological Warfare exercise here people ~ Mike Pompeo ~ society will only further corrupt the minds of humanity. First and foremost step forward is removal of all masks. (Mike should know he's the Secretary of State. Just saying)
The return to sane policy. One example being : Wearing a mask and carrying a firearm in public is a class 4 felony. Ladies and gentlemen!
Every police officer every person anybody you have seen armed and wearing a mask has committed a class 4 felony. Felons cannot carry firearms much less claim Authority over any peaceful people. Logic must return to this insane asylum masquerading as a society before we see a turn back to humanity / - We are free, You're alive and you're free / /11:38 p.m. 1/21-2021-781
Maximilian Max Maximus Forealious of clan Maxwell at Canterbury in Enochville
I bid ye fare

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