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Dr. Robert O. Young on Shocking Contents Discovered in the COVID "Vaccines"
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Prevent Global Genocide
Published 10 months ago |
(Oct 5, 2021) Dr. Robert Young is Interviewed by Laura-Lynn Thompson. Just a few of the contents discovered in the vials, and listed in Young's article below, are graphene oxide, parasites, hexagonal 'Smart' nanobots, stainless steel, chromium, copper, titanium, vanadium, iron, nickel, carbon, and aluminum. Dr. Young claims that the COVID shot is not only designed to destroy healthy red blood cells and the immune system, but also to eventually connect everyone to the "internet of things", so that the powers that be can track, monitor, and control everyone, and if desired to kill the undesirables using directed energy weapons. Now the good news! To learn how to protect ones-self from this bio-weapon skip ahead to the '31:49' mark. According to Dr. Young people simply need to boost their natural immune system by drinking alkaline water mixed with baking soda and monitor their PH to keep it at 7.2 and above.

Amazing must read article by Dr. Young shown in this video:

Full Laura-Lynn Thompson Show:
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