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Dr Mercola and Catherine Austin Fitts
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Dr Mercola takes his videos down as he has been heavily censored and threatened. I pray he doesn't mind me sharing this- I think its wildly important that people understand the is no more fence sitting- YO have to make a stand.
Catherine Austin Fitts:
I don't think it's propaganda. I think they're under terrible pressure from both the government
banks. If you're the government and say military purchases or military contracts or a variety of
different government sort of inspired revenues. If you say to companies, look, we're going to
shut off your purchases. We're going to shut off your contracts. I think there's RICO conspiracy
blackmail going on behind the scenes.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
That's another interesting perspective. So they may understand it.
Catherine Austin Fitts:
Oh, I think they do understand it. And I think they're being seriously threatened both through the
banking system. And if you look at the strongest pressure we're seeing, it's coming from the
central bankers and the financial side. I've spent a lot of time with the Doctors for COVID Ethics
over the last year, learning about at least what those doctors and scientists know, what's in this
stuff and what does it do.
Catherine Austin Fitts:
But there's a whole portion of the ingredients that we still don't know what is in these injections.
And I dare say, I believe it's connected to why the central bankers are pushing so hard. I think
these guys are really depending on the smart grid and creepy technology to help them go to the
last steps of financial control, which is what I think they're pushing for.
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