The Rebuilding of Jerusalem - It was Pagan Built from 130 - 324 CE
226 views • 2 months ago

A lot of "Holy Land" tours like people to believe a fantasy that the structures of Jerusalem were the actual places the Jews once built. But everything was completely destroyed to the point of Jerusalem looking like a desert in 70 AD. There's no original Jewish structures standing. The first built structures after it's destruction were actually pagan. There was a Temple of Jupiter where the Jewish Temple once stood and a Temple of Aphrodite was in the land as well. Statues were later torn down but some remains of both Temples can still be seen. This video shows the Historical proof that the rebuilding of Jerusalem contains no original Jewish architecture. Sure, they have tried to create new structures they imagine once were in Jerusalem. But none of it is the way it originally was. When Jerusalem was first rebuilt by the homosexual Emperor Hadrian it wasn't even called Jerusalem, he called it Aelia Caitolina. He would be so proud of Israel having the largest gay parades in the entire world today.

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