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Todd Coconato Radio Show • “The Difference Between A Medium/Psychic and A Prophet Of God”
Published Monday

“The Difference Between A Medium/Psychic and A Prophet Of God”


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According to the Bible, there are clear contrasts between a medium or psychic and a genuine prophet of God. These differences can help believers discern between true spiritual guidance and deceptive practices. Let's explore these contrasts and how we can tell the difference as followers of Christ:

**1. Source of Authority:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** They often claim to receive information from spirits, the deceased, or supernatural sources outside of God.
   - **Prophet of God:** Their authority comes from the one true God. They receive messages directly from Him through His Holy Spirit.

**2. Message Alignment with God's Word:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** Their messages will be inconsistent with or contradictory to the teachings of the Bible. Or they will twist scripture.
   - **Prophet of God:** Their messages align with the teachings of the Bible and do not contradict God's revealed word.

**3. Motive:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** May often seek personal gain or profit from their practices.
   - **Prophet of God:** Their primary motive is to honor God, share His messages, and guide people toward His truth.

**4. Character and Lifestyle:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** Their practices usually involve occultism and involvement with spirits that are not of God.
   - **Prophet of God:** They live in obedience to God's commands, leading a life characterized by holiness and godliness.

**5. Miraculous Confirmation:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** The "miracles" they perform are not be truly miraculous, but rather deceptive manifestations.
   - **Prophet of God:** Their messages may be accompanied by genuine miracles and signs that confirm the divine origin of their words.

**6. Discernment Through the Holy Spirit:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** They lack the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives and teachings.
   - **Prophet of God:** Operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who empowers them to speak God's truth accurately.

**7. Fruit of Their Ministry:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** They lead people away from God's truth and promote confusion.
   - **Prophet of God:** Their ministry bears fruit that aligns with God's purposes—such as repentance, reconciliation, and spiritual growth.

**8. Recognition by the Community of Believers:**
   - **Medium/Psychic:** Their practices should be viewed as dubious or even harmful by the broader Christian community.
   - **Prophet of God:** Their authenticity may be recognized and affirmed by fellow believers and spiritual leaders.

As believers in Christ, we can discern between a medium/psychic and a true prophet of God by comparing their teachings and practices with the principles outlined in the Bible.

Regularly studying Scripture, growing in our relationship with God, and seeking wisdom from godly mentors can equip us to recognize and reject false teachings while embracing genuine messages that draw us closer to Him.

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