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Dr Robert Malone: “The Covid-19 Vaccine Causes the Virus to Become More Infectious”
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Slawomir Slowianin
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Published 3 years ago
In an interview on the War Room podcast, Dr Robert Malone, MD, MS Physician Scientist, the inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, warned that the Covid-19 vaccines cause the virus to “become more infectious.”

Following NBC News’ bombshell report sourced from an unnamed government
official that fully vaccinated individuals are not just contracting Covid, but are likely infected with higher levels of the virus, Dr Malone said that if this data is valid and accurate, then “we are in the worst-case scenario.”

Dr Malone, said: “What NBC News dropped yesterday was the statement sourced from an unnamed government official that the titers in the vaccinated are actually higher than in the unvaccinated.

“This is precisely what one would see if antibody-dependent enhancement was happening.”

Dr Malone explained that antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is where a
vaccine causes a virus to become more infectious and causes the virus to replicate at higher levels, than in the absence of both vaccination and infection.

However, this phenomenon is not new, as Dr Malone explained that it has happened with other vaccines in the past, such as with the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and in the 1960s caused more child deaths in vaccine recipients than the unvaccinated.

“It’s happened with virtually every other coronavirus vaccine development programme, certainly in humans, known in history.”

According to Dr Malone, the reason why this phenomenon is reportedly only showing up with the Pfizer vaccine is partially due to the level of dosage, as the Pfizer dose is about a third of the Moderna dose, therefore it’s likely as an RNA vaccine to express fewer spike proteins for a shorter period of time than compared to a recombinant viral vector vaccine, like Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

“We now know that the Pfizer protection is waning at 6 months, and what the data seemed to suggest is those who have received Pfizer – which is probably the least immunogenic of the 3 in terms of durability and length of protection – are now in the waning phase of the immune response [to the Pfizer vaccine] and seem to be getting infected.”

Dr Malone spoke out about the recent revelations following the NBC News report as Dr Fauci stated at a press conference that Pfizer vaccine recipients – particularly the elderly and vulnerable – will be given booster shots after six months.

This announcement comes as Dr Fauci previously stated that booster jabs would not be necessary following Pfizer’s recent alert that they were going to develop the booster shots, leading to the Chief Medical Advisor being accused of “flip-flopping” on Covid policy.

“I think Dr Fauci is lying. I don’t know what else to say,” continued Dr Malone, “I’m accused of being an anti-vaxxer and promoting disinformation, but to my eyes, the government is obfuscating what’s happening here.

“I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but what it seems to be rolling out is the worst-case scenario where the vaccine in the waning phase is causing the virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise, which is what we call an antibody-dependent enhancement.”

When questioned about the effects of the vaccine on mutations of Covid-19, particularly the Delta variant, Dr Malone stated that the mutation is “another misleading set of statements from Dr Fauci.

“The escape mutants that are escaping vaccine selecting pressure are most likely developing in the people that have been vaccinated, not in the unvaccinated, so, that’s just another convenient lie.”

Dr Malone explained that if the NBC News data is correct that titers can are easily found in vaccinated people compared to the unvaccinated, then it would verify that ADE can be influenced by mutations, and the data would also be a “smoking gun” to demonstrate ADE of virus replication.

When asked how the government should act if the data is discovered to be valid, Dr Malone warned that they must immediately stop the vaccine campaign. He said that the government should instead focus on alternative treatments for Covid-19 which have been largely suppressed by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), who have favoured any drug and vaccine which are part of the active treatment trials.

“These preliminary signals being disclosed by unnamed government officials suggests that we’re there in the worst-case scenario that the vaccine community has been warning about since the beginning of the outbreak.”


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