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The dia, neural lace and wireless access to your nervous system is already here
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Published 9 days ago |
Russ Dizdar could not tell the truth about his and collins discoveries of what did really was. In 1997 an mri revealed missing ionic exchange in nerural valences but they already knew all that testing neuralink and other wireless access to the human biofield, but we already have those databases and networks. There are underground computers and all sorts of hidden magnetic sorceries and technologies? So why did our christian leaders help the defense intelligence agency bond young children to the nephalim prison cells, call it other dimensions, mars or whatever, then tether our consciousness to machines and machien learn our consciouness to be magnetically augmented, wirelessely whenever they want? Doesn’t that all sound fantastical? Well, you have not been to my facebook to see the technology screenshots and links to ieee and the actual technology research papers entered in, cited and ongoing. Russ and friends hid the dollies and their dia access. Flynn is from the dia. Can we please just admit to the human biofield and stop telling people they are crazy for being able to feel the nano or wavelength? If it is good enough for the metaverse and telehealth, why is it still not good enough for the average human? If you can rape me wirelessly my entire life and lie to eveyr human i meet, wher eis my free will? The lying is so severe ..
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