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How Israel stabbed White Rhodesia & South Africa in the back
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Published 2 years ago |
JB Campbell was a very interesting American who came to Africa in 1971 in order to try and get additional whites from America, Canada, etc to come and live among the whites in either Apartheid South Africa or Rhodesia. Campbell was not successful in this project, but he did discover the Rhodesian army and he became fascinated by it and wanted to join it. Thus his adventure started in Rhodesia.

One thing that impressed Campbell tremendously about Rhodesia, and which I, myself long for, is the SPIRIT of the whites in standing up for themselves, though they were vastly outnumbered and were illegal rebels in the world. Campbell mentions that he hoped to create this spirit among the Americans, because they don't know what it's like.

In this video, we listen to Campbell being interviewed in 2016. In there he mentions many things about Jews, America, Rhodesia, etc.

A very interesting thing that Campbell discusses too, are the White Christian missionaries, from Britain and even America who came to teach the blacks Christian love, and how they became a problem for the Rhodesian Army. He also describes how despite warnings from himself and the army that the blacks would turn on them and kill them, the Christians did not listen, and later they WERE MURDERED. The very American Christian missionaries whom he had warned, were killed by the blacks a few weeks later.

My real interest in Campbell lies in an account that he had, which no whites in Africa reported in their books, and that is, about Israel supplying weapons to the terrorists fighting Rhodesia. This unique and fascinating account is something that whites need to be aware of. Campbell described how Rhodesia and South Africa's leaders, who were friendly to Israel, went about dealing with this.

There is much more that I can say about the filthy Jewish state of Israel and their love-fest with the communist blacks of Zimbabwe, but I don't touch on that in this video.

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