The Dr. Jane Ruby Show 04. 27. 22. (PREVIEW) )
1084 views • 04/28/2022
Military Beaten, Starved, Abandoned for Jab Resistance

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane, Dr. Jane looks at reports directly from the source…our military members are being beaten, isolated, assaulted with narcotics, starved and abandoned in foreign countries…all for refusing the experimental gene editing injections, falsely called covid vaccines. And then, a closer look at President Trump’s 2019 Executive Order On Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States, because it appears to lay open the door to so much of the dystopian world we were all thrust into when the Covid scam hit: the unrealistic rush to market, defying all laws and FDA regulations, allowing the release of a previously failed and deadly technology to be forced upon the American people; and later in the show…more Moderna Madness as this company reveals its unrelenting pursuit to keep this injection tyranny going - it’s pharmaceutical ground hog day! (Promo Code: Ruby for extra 10% off) (Promo Code: Ruby for up to 66% off) (Promo Code: Ruby)
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