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How is Big Pharma getting Americans Hooked on Psychotropic Drugs?
Published 3 years ago
In 1997, drug company lobbyists pressured the US Congress to allow advertising psychotropic drugs on American television. And this opened the floodgates to a torrent of advertising which soared from $595 million a year in 1996 to $4.7 billion today, an increase of almost 700%.

In the United States, drug advertising on television accounts for fifty-five percent of the pharmaceutical industry’s Direct to Consumer advertising budget.

It is therefore no surprise that media conglomerates are loathe to bite the hand that feeds them.

That is how psychiatrists and drug companies have been able to use every communication outlet they can influence to drum out one single, relentless message: “You are sick, we’ve got the answer, and ask your doctor.”

But they are not satisfied only with media campaigns.

So their next strategy is: How do you convince even more people to take psychotropic drugs all the while remaining a hidden influence?

Knowing nothing about the mind, the brain, or about the underlying causes of mental disturbance, psychiatry still sears the brain with electroshock, tears it with psychosurgery and deadens it with dangerous drugs.

CCHR created the psychiatric drug side effects search engine to provide the public with easily understandable information on the documented risks of psychiatric drugs.
It is provided as a free public service by CCHR International:
Your search will yield a summary of the following three different sources of data on documented psychiatric drug risks:

1. International drug regulatory warnings.
2. Studies published in worldwide medical journals.
3. Adverse reaction reports filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration between 2004-2012, by doctors, pharmacists, health care providers, attorneys and consumers.
Only by providing all the facts about the risks of psychiatric treatment can we possibly reduce the number of victims who unfortunately learn this truth through personal tragedy.
CCHR provides information that psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know.
By educating yourself with the facts about psychiatry, you will have the information you need to never become a victim of this vicious pseudo-science.

Report Adverse Reactions to Psychiatric Drugs

Report Psychiatric Abuse — It’s a Crime

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