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Best & Taylor Intel (9/29/2021): The Mystery of La Palma — America/Babylon — JUDGMENT COMETH — WAKE UP!
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Published 2 years ago
War, Peace and Security, The Thief, La Palma, Michael Warning, Delusions and More Lies…

So here we go again with war drums beating in the Serbia and Kosovo area, Putin giving warning to NATO, China warnings of nuclear war that the Bible says IS COMING, and the attack upon America/Babylon is a total surprise, along with Earth changes, fireballs, UFO sightings, as the world plunges ever deeper into total chaos. World leaders gather together to force the “jab” that kills, and the great culling is well underway. Then we have the mystery of La Palma, pillars of fire, Michael and a time of trouble worse than anything the world has ever seen. If one looks at the rises around the 7 major Canary Island under the water you see a huge super volcano lurking under the sea – new earthquakes by Los Cristianos now, which means humble fishing village on the Island of Tenenfe- more to this than meets the eye and more…JUDGMENT COMETH – WAKE UP! —Stewart Best

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Time is running out for mankind – even for the vast majority of Christians who think they are going to Heaven but are not – just as Jesus said. A DELUSION OF A SALVATION THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

The Bible is clear - only 1 in 1000 Christians is actually BORN AGAIN.

No Cross, No Death, No Judgment - No Crown of Eternal Life!!


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