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WW3 declared on 'us' in 1954 by the Bilderbergs!
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Published 4 months ago |
Deborah Tavares exposes the NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT, found on NASA servers that discusses the aims of the illuminati & about the failure of human beings as a species. They argue that we are too large, slow, tender and heavy, cost too much to maintain and now have negative value status and need to be replaced. They talk about the myriad of possible ways that they will kill us, some of them being used is very evident today.
The heading ROBOTS, CYBORGS AND HUMANS discusses the transhumanism agenda. Another - Capture, Torture Americans in living colour & exploit CNN syndrome speaks for itself. The illuminati believe they have recently accomplished immortality, they don't get cancer and use chips and other medical defences to ward off the frequencies that are targeted at 100% of the population.

Half way through (7 minutes) she also exposes another document "Silent Weapons for Future Wars" that was the Bilderberg policy announced at the first Bilderberg meeting in May 1954 where the elite declared WORLD WAR THREE on us & laid out the strategies they would use to control the human population. This document together with the "Iron Mountain" document talks about a combination of irresistible attacks upon humanity and how they will control humanity. They say how they will use (sic, now using) Chemtrails, nano fibers, smart dust, fluoride, GMO, vaccines, radiation, frequency and EMP attacks, climate change, education, media etc to control us. They are rewriting history and science towards their CO2/Climate change/Fiat money agenda! This is a war against the people and we can see now see for ourselves their War document.

They brag how they could easily TAKE DOWN AMERICA with only 10 people and less than $10 million.

I have edited this and stuck to the facts - No Pixie Dust!

People need to be informed and at least given the chance to see this information and make the decision themselves to believe and act on it or not..I have been doing research like this for many years & believe this is all true & happening!

Here is the NASA document

The Iron Mountain Report

Silent Weapons 4 Quiet Wars document

NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013 Whole Video

Transcript of whole 35 minute above video
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