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Climate Feedback EXPOSED (MIRRORED)
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Published 12 days ago |
Climate Feedback EXPOSED (MIRRORED)
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Some 500 scientists from around the world issued a declaration to the UN on Sept 23, 2019, that there is NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY. However, global media remain silent - perhaps waiting to hear from "ClimateFeedback" - a self-appointed group of scientists who obviously defend the climate catastrophe mantra. "ClimateFeedback" is 'certified' by POYNTER Institute as being accurate - but this means we have now descended into the netherworld foretold by Prof. Christopher Essex in his clever essay "Cavemen, Climate and Computer Science" Cavemen, Climate, and Computers -
where journalists (who are NOT scientists) are deciding who IS a credible 'climate' scientist....when most journos can't even name the complex differential equations that are fundamental to climate science - let alone describe the variables involved

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