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Dyann Bridges
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Published a year ago

Jason Breshears spent 27 years in prison and read for most of the time he was incarcerated. He's lead an unusual life which has allowed him to dig into historical data unlike any other historical researcher known today.

I am not affiliated with Jason or his website I'm just a fan of his knowledge, video work and tenacity in general. Jason encourages the dissemination of his work with credit.

In the mists of distant millennia was built a colossal monument covered in millions of tiny inscriptions. It was the epicenter of global pilgrimage, an architectural legacy of an arcane knowledge rooted in a world than no longer existed.

The first keepers of this massive corpus of secrets from the unremembered past, the present and the eternal future violated their positions as guardians of mankind, oppressing humanity until their sovereignty was fractured by an epic cataclysm that entombed the Old World...this building was specifically designed to survive this apocalypse and its presence in the Old World presaged death and ruin, but it contains within it the beginning of the greatest gifts of the Creator.

It was sealed in the beginning because its purpose is in the end.

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