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COVID-19 Vaccines are Biggest Scam in History of Medicine, and the Children Suffer the Most (mirrored)
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As we have been reporting frequently for the past few weeks, many pro-vaccine and pro-pharma doctors and scientists are coming forward to sound the alarm on just how horrible these COVID-19 "vaccines" are, and the death and carnage that has followed.

A video has surfaced in the alternative media featuring an Israeli Professor, Dr. Zvika Granot, Ph.D., who is on the Faculty of Medicine at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He heads up the Granot Lab as the "Principal Investigator," focusing on "neutrophils" and cancer research.

He is also a member of The Public Emergency Council For The Covid19 Crisis in Israel, which is where this video apparently originated.

Dr. Granot states:

"We have already seen many distortions of science, lies and half-truths during the COVID crisis. More than once we have seen aggressive policies based on hopes that lack a scientific basis presented to the public as scientific facts.

We have seen how economic and political entities presented distorted science and silence many scientists who think differently.

Approving vaccination for babies and toddlers by the FDA in the USA and by the Ministry of Health in Israel, breaks all records of the theater of the absurd and raises deep doubts about the conduct of the regulators in the USA and Israel."

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