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Published 8 months ago |
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Recommended news sites and a trend alert. Watch out for UDS - UNVACCINATED DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. Those who were diagnosed with TDS are at greatest risk.

RECOMMENDED NEWS SITES - I WILL KEEP THIS UPDATED. Check back from time to time. Leave your own comments.

Warning - Donald Trump is on New Patriot probation until he comes out more vigorously against mandatory vaccines and the vaccine MOTB passports. New Patriots don't follow a personality cult, and are cognizant of the fact that, if possible, even the elect may be deceived. The definition of patriot, btw, is someone who loves their country. Its an extension of loving your neighbor. We won't tolerate a vaccine genocide that gets blamed on the unvaxxed. If Mr. Trump wants our support, it will have to be an UNEQUIVOCAL (WITH NO ROOM FOR FLIP-FLOPPING) zero tolerance of vaccine mandates, quarantine camps, and medical tyranny, AS WELL AS AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF REAL SCIENCE that includes vaccine injuries, deaths, and disabilities in the accurate tabulation of "covid" deaths. The only America-first agenda that New Patriots will support, is one that does not include a vaccine motb passport or i.d. New Patriots will not budge on this. It is non-negotiable. Give us liberty or give us death. We won't be volunteering to board any globalist cattle cars on the road to the Global Currency Reset.
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