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They are lying about variants to get you to take vaccines that will kill you, says Mike Yeadon, PhD
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Published 11 days ago |
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“I believe that [the vaccines] will be used to DAMAGE your health and possibly KILL you,” says Mike Yeadon, PhD. "I can see no sensible interpretation other than [this is] a serious attempt at MASS DEPOPULATION. [The vaccine & boosters] will provide the tools to do it, and [will give] plausible deniability, because… They will create another story about some biological threat [such as Monkey Pox or whatever, and they will tell you to get another vaccine]… Then a few months or a year later, you will DIE… of some inexplicable syndrome that you won’t be able to relate to the vaccine. That is my belief, that they are LYING to you about variants so that they can [convince you to take]… vaccines, that you don’t need at all."

From Stew Peter's presents the documentary "COVENOM-19 Series Vol. 1" (Jan 20, 2023, 70-minutes long) which is posted here:

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

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