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Duduman Warning! WAR! CHINA v. AMERICA over TAIWAN! THEN (in this video) RUSSIA & MULTI NATION CONFEDERACY DESTROYS AMERICA IN A DAY! mirror! Not fake like Hinn, Hagin, Copeland, Taylor, Clement
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Holiness Unto YAH
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this is a mirrored video of Prophet to the nations Dumitru Duduman (now in Heaven). Though now deceased please be careful if anyone is tempted to ever mock this or a true Prophet of YAH. This is certainly no game. His grandson Michael is not recognized as a true Prophet. Dumitru was tested and true to YAHUVEH GOD.

China and America go to war then this will begin. Russia and an alliance will strike with no warning.

See Amightywind Prophecy 32 in 1999 as YAH SAID through Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu that America will be devastated with no warning in the silence of the night and instantly struck by many nations.

"America, woe be unto you, for blood shed has not come to your shores from war for many years but you have now called it upon yourselves! I AM yet staying the hand of the executioner for the sake of the few who cry out for mercy. But when it comes there will be no warning. In the silence of the night it shall strike with no warnings.

You’re so puffed up with pride. You think no nation shall strike back but woe be unto you America. For when it comes time to strike, it shall not be by one hand that hits you, but by many hands that strike you. For what you have partaken in! Your allies will be nowhere in sight. For they will be battling for their own countries. Woe be unto you MY children who support this war. Your money is blood soaked."

In Amightywind Prophecy 24 part 2 YAHUSHUA SAID about Prophet Duduman that he did his best to warn America see below

"The wise keep oil in their lamps and filled with fresh new anointing daily. Know this, MY BLESSED HOPE is real, I am the BLESSED HOPE! Refuse to allow the Ark doors to be shut without you being in MY arms. I am the ARK door. I tell you the Book of the Gentiles is closing as Dimitru Duduman prophesied to America. He watches now from Heaven and knows he did his best to warn America. But Oh how few listened. He warned you of the coming wrath on America. For America did I not prophecy from this handmaiden speaking now, that America REPENT before it’s too late for I have saved MY worst for last. But I say to MY Children that live in America. Don’t GIVE UP YOUR BLESSED HOPE!"

Also please do not listen to false prophets Kim Clement and Mark Taylor.

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In YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH'S name, love and shalom, Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu
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