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The Battle for UFO Transparency, with Terry Tibando - Part 3 of 3 - Q & A
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Brian Ruhe
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Part 3 of 3. These are notes produced by the program, below.
Light beings and global unity.
• ETs visit Earth, interact with humans, and encourage unity to advance civilization.
• Speaker 1 struggles to record audio, eventually finding solution in recording to cloud.

Unity, equality, and spirituality.
• Baha'i Faith teaches recognition of one God, oneness of mankind, and universal peace, with elimination of prejudice and unfettered freedom of investigation.
• Baha'i Faith emphasizes harmony between science and religion, and basic equality between men and women.
• Speaker advocates for universal education and spiritual solutions to global economic problems.

Life on other planets and the universe.
• Speaker 2 discusses the possibility of life on planets orbiting stable stars, citing a quote from the Bible and scientific research.
• Speaker 1 asks a question about the source of this information and the speaker's background in astronomy.
• Speaker 2 discusses extremophiles that can survive in extreme conditions, such as volcanic vents and radioactive environments, raising the possibility of life on other planets.
• Speaker 2 mentions the sun's potential for life, citing the Buddha's statement that the sun's death is the divine palace of a David Angel, and suggests that we should investigate and prove whether life exists on the sun or not.
UFOs, government, and religion.
• Ralston Usama and Speaker 2 connect over shared location and misspellings in writing.
• Participants discuss Dr. Greer's background and affiliations, with some questioning his motives and others defending him.
Extraterrestrial life and advanced weaponry.
• Brad asks about military weaponry used to shoot down UFOs, seeking details on the technology and reverse engineering.
• Speaker 2 discusses the use of electronic pulse weapons, particle beam weapons, and scalar wave energy weapons, which can target specific areas and affect everything around them.
• The speaker references Dr. Greer and a physicist who gave a presentation on scalar waves, and how these weapons can be used to heal or harm, depending on the intentions of those using them.
Extraterrestrial life and advanced technology.
• The speaker discusses the use of advanced technology to disable extraterrestrial spacecraft, with a focus on the navigation system as the key vulnerability.
• Richard demonstrates how towers can transmit energy wirelessly, potentially revolutionizing energy distribution.
Secret space programs and breakaway civilizations.
• Richard Dolan and Speaker 2 discuss the concept of a "breakaway civilization" in the context of secret space programs and ancient civilizations.
• Breakaway society developed by Germans in 1950s, independent of mainstream civilization.
• Breakaway society of wealthy elite with own military and resources, per Richard Dolan.
Global unity and moral guidance.
• Speaker 2 discusses how the wealthy are leaving the planet and living in a giant spaceship, while the rest of the population lives in poverty and chaos.
• Speaker 2 suggests that a balance between technology, social, and spiritual principles is needed to create a global civilization that is moral and just.
• Speaker 4 is looking for information on 12 basic principles of the faith, which Speaker 2 explains are similar to the 10 commandments but not specific to any one culture or religion.
• Speaker 2 explains that these principles are universal and have evolved over time to create a global unity, with examples from Jewish, Islamic, and modern-day laws and organizations.
Space colonization and intergalactic relations.
• Speaker 2 expresses skepticism about colonizing Mars, citing the presence of intelligent life on the planet.
• Speaker 4 raises the possibility of Martian intervention in Earth's conflicts, such as a third world war.
• Speaker 2 believes other nations will step in to prevent a nuclear war, citing examples of past interventions.
• Speaker 2 doubts their own qualifications to understand political thinking in other countries, but believes it's time for the world to come together to solve problems.
• Individuals must rethink their mentality and morality to address the issues caused by their technological advancements.
UFO sightings and extraterrestrial life.
• Speaker 6 discusses the complexity of changing human DNA and the potential for astrology to determine one's future.
• Speakers discuss the potential risks and ethical considerations of interacting with extraterrestrial life.
• They emphasize the importance of establishing a friendship and communication based on mutual respect and understanding.
Historical figures and their authenticity.
• Brian Ruhe questions the historicity of Maria Orsic.

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