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Who is steering Laura and where are they headed?
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Bitterroot Bugler
Published a year ago |
In 1993 multiple government agencies began experimenting with HAARP - High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The usual suspects included DARPA. Their test facility was far from prying eyes in Gakona, Alaska. What they learned in the next 20 years has been applied globally with at least 9 stations around the world (I suspect more since I last heard) sending a city's-worth of electricity into Earth's atmosphere to steer the weather this way and that creating epic storms, flooding, blizzards and breaking every natural disaster record around the world.

Today the geo-stationary satellite images are online thanks to the University of Colorado. We can see real-time what the global weather engineers are doing hour-by-hour and day-by-day. While not good for us or nature, it must be good for something they want to do.

Hurricane Laura is heading for the USofA rice basket. Human food supplies seem to have been heavily targeted for a couple years. Now FEMA is stockpiling food. Maybe you should do as they do.

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