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1/10/2022 The Dr. Hotze Report: Dr. Steve Hotze ft. Sherronna Bishop
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Published 2 years ago
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Sherronna Bishop:
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We believe it is the People's job to secure the future we want for our children. Through founding principles, educating parents on their rights and resources we can empower you to bring back common sense solutions. We also support principled candidates who share our vision of personal responsibility and American Exceptionalism to secure brighter future for the next generation.
Our Nation is in desperate need of "regular" citizens to preserve the Tree of Liberty!
Colorado has been my life-long home. Over the past 6 years conservative ideals like hard work, community, patriotism, the defense of Constitutional laws that I grew up in, have become controversial at best and at worst, declared out right hate by the radical Progressives who have infiltrated our state.
The Nation at large is being attacked day after day with the rantings of Socialist Progressives who promise everything for free while taking everything we love.
The fabric of America is based on God, Freedom and the Family unit.
Regular people, Nobodies if you will, are standing together. The Silent Majority will take back our children’s education, reclaim our rights as parents, promote TRUE Freedom and re-establish this Constitutional Republic for the future generations. Will you join us?
Thousands of Coloradans have come together to investigate the outcomes of the 2020 elections. Our concern comes from information provided by experts that include Algorithms being used to manipulate voter turnout to thousands of dead voters casting ballots in our 2020 elections. Even voting machine manipulation. What is going on? It's up to We The People to investigate and bring the truth to light
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