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Published 8 months ago

Lets make the computers of our power supply cyber attack resiliant at least by pulling the ethernet cable out of them (they call it droop speed control only mode, wiki cyberwarfare article) because Joe Biden already announced Putin's cyber attack it would be mass murder and treason to just let it happen.

They don't do it unless they can control the outcome and that becomes impossible when everybody knows about the premeditated thus illegal cyber attack plan of the intel agencies and politicians that have to help to make Putin's cyber attack impossible because it would kill millions of people (billions in combination with a Global Genedrive Genocide jab tied to a basic income, all non Masons would be annihilated based on a famous David Spangler quote). The government is a legal person and they are supposed to protect and serve the tax payers that have paid trillions for this and in the use they have sworn an oath to protect the US against enemies foreign and domestic.

Putin's cyber attack on the power supply is easiest to prevent by simply disconnecting the computers of our power supply from the internet (called droop speed control proving it is possible).

To make the cyber attack on the internet and global financial system impossible the Intel Management Engine hardware backdoor must be disabled in these computers otherwise they'll be damaged beyond repair and their hard disks erased.

There are videos on the web explaining how to do this.

Write to anyone who can help and spread this video to create a new, non fictional Utopian timeline.


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