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0905+2023—What—I Need To Drink This Much Water Every Day?
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Published 3 months ago

Lynn discusses how much water we need to drink every day. And, she tells why coffee, tea, juice, sodas, beer, alcoholic beverages do not count as the water you need to drink daily in order to avoid dehydration.  She also talks about savings for you in September, 2023.

What if all disease is really the lack of sufficient water in our body?  Our brain is 85% water; our bodies are 75% water.  What happens to you when you drink liquids all day that are not water?  Coffee, tea, soda pop, and juice do not do what water does in your body.  And what if you don’t have enough salt in your body?

And take advantage of the September, 2023, specials.  This is your chance to double up on specials during August 2023.

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