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Clean your gun, save your bench: Real Avid Smart Mat
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The Rogue Banshee
Published 4 months ago |

If you're looking for a bench mat that will help you keep your handguns and rifles clean and safe, then you need to check out the Gunsmith Smart Mat from Real Avid. This mat is made from durable materials that will protect your bench from dirt, dust, and scratches as you clean your guns.

Plus, the Gunsmith smart mat includes special features that will help you keep your handguns and rifles in peak condition. For example, the mat has built-in storage trays that can hold your parts as you work. Plus, the smart mat features a magnetic try for those small parts that tend to get lost.

So if you're looking for a smart mat that will help you stay safe and clean when handling your firearms, then these Gunsmith Smart Mats from Real Avid are perfect!

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Video Index:

0:00 Introduction to the Real Avid Smart Mat

0:35 Features of the Real Avid Smart Mat

1:27 What is the Real Avid Smart Mat XL

3:05 How Durable is the Real Avid Smart Mat

3:19 Did Chemicals melt the Smart Mat?

3:40 Is the Smart Mat Solvent Proof?

4:11 Final thoughts on the Real Avid Smart Mat


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