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DiY | BEST Natural Toothpaste Recipe_Only 2 Ingredients!
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Published a year ago

Jesse Nordwall | YouTube.com

BEST natural toothpaste recipe? In this video I share with you a recipe I've been using for almost 10 years with only 2 ingredients. I have also been using this same recipe for deodorant!


- Coconut Oil

- Baking Soda

-(optional) flavoring (not in this video)

About Me: My name is Jesse Nordwall. I teach about plant based lifestyles and help bring more environmental awareness to every day life. And vlog as well. And I eat a lot of fruit. A LOT.


So I don't know how if you know what happens when inflation gets away but things will go exponential.

Things that once cost $1 will cost $2 then $4 then $8 then $16 then $32 then $64 then $128 then $256 then $512 then $1024. With shorter intervals between each jump that is also exponential! Just like in Germany and throughout history, once inflation starts to go, it goes exponential. It might cost you 7 million dollars for a carton of eggs! (And they might be rotten). Then all the stores will close because no buyers. Boo hoo, we don't want that. This progression has happened throughout history, nothing new is under the sun.

People will quickly run out of things they need and things they think they need. This time however, you will have a new form of currency which will be the one world currency.

We don't want that to come.

Once on that currency you become an absolute complete slave.

And this is happening for a whole bunch of reasons but ultimately it's the people's lack of action or pushback or non compliance that allows the enslavement to happen.

You could make one person upset and get excommunicated and kicked out to starve with those dam bums that don't want to be jabbed!

So save your money now and use the money you have very wisely. Because the people are the ones that have the power of the purse/wallet.

And we have more power than they want us to think we have. We the people can make any business or company crumble. Companies that don't use our money wisely or in our best interest.

I'm promoting self-sufficiency, and non-dependence aka independence responsibility and freedom.

Oh and btw,

Support your local community.

Support your local farmers, and farmers markets. 

Thanks much. 

Have a wonderful day 👍😁

Trust. God has a plan.


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