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This Evil needs to be exposed - “THE EYES OF THE DEVIL” A Documentary Film by Patryk Vega
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 6 months ago |
This is pure evil and only the upper level of Intelligence Agencies (such as Majestic 12 and the NSA) could run this worldwide network as Edward Snowden said, they monitor, track and know everything and these are the same people behind the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) and only this group could control and run this evil organization to control Politicians, Courts, Police worldwide to perpetrate crimes against human life. If this video doesn’t prick your conscience, allow you to put the pieces together such as the ESF, Edward Snowden’s exposing of spying and the blatant evil of those controlling our world and the blackmail this allows them and the black money they can make from this, then nothing will ever wake you up. If you do not stand up against this evil and stop submitting to their control methods and lies, all humanity will deserve exactly what it gets.

This documentary shows why there will be no excuses. Make your choice. These are the same people calling for a great reset and involved with the COVID19 hoax and it shows they have NO Rule of Law for their Evil acts against Humanity showing the world’s always been in the clutches of the alien Devil’s game with the illusion there is law and a savior. – Re-upload this video everywhere for all to see.
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